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Oedipous and Minotaurs - Diary of a Sphinx [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Oedipous and Minotaurs [Dec. 24th, 2008|07:01 pm]
Here in Blackpool listening to Japanese folk music on You Tube and slightly full of crisps - we are preparing for the arrival of my mother's cousins with whom we will sit for several hours shovelling cake and crisps down our throats and chatting about anything not at all controversial or interesting (to me). I will be virtually silent and be rarely addressed but apparently it would be the hieght of rudness if I wandered off.
Just had a couple of days with my dad and the siblings - they are getting very tall - we played Guess What Animal and I kept them going for ages with crocodile - I think they were a bit vague about what a mammal was and the youngest one I think just wouldn't reflect on previous responses but just kept suggesting animals randomly A goat! A spider! Not always though.
Thinking all the time about how to structure this Greek Myth course I am running - shall I plunge them in media res with Oedipous or the minotaur and then work backwards explaining who's who or go chronologically starting with Hesiod's messy and much peopled Creation Myth?
Perhaps the 2nd but go fairly quickly over the beginning bit till they get to the names of deities they need to remember because they will keep coming up. Also thinking about designing a timeline to make sure people have an idea about when the ancient Greeks flourished. There are two things to remember about the Ancient Greeks...